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Developer,Gamer, from Petach Tikva, Israel

About Me


I'm Yoni Hodeffi, and as you might have already read, I'm a designer, developer and a gamer.

This website was made to showcase all of what I can do and plan to do. It also contains raw data and always evolving just like myself.

I got into development because computers have always fascinated me, the ability to write some short amount of lines and watch it comes to live has been nothing short than magic!

I created this website so I could showcase all this and with this process make it easier for you to connect with me.

If you like what you see, head over to the contact section below and send me a text. I would love hearing from you!

(Feb '21 - Today')
Full Stack Developer
Tel Aviv, Israel
Specialized in: React.js, Node.js, AWS, PHP, Typescript, CICD, Docker, SVN/Git, Wordpress, Styled components, Firebase, Java Springboot, Jenkins, Sentry.io, Wordpress, SVN, Typescript
Panda O.S
(Oct '17 - Feb '21)
Full Stack Developer
Tel Aviv, Israel
Specialized in: Angular.js, PHP, Wordpress, CSS, ES6, HTML5
College of Management Academic Studies
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science & Engineering
(2017 - 2020)
High School Yeshiva Rishon Leziyon
High School
Web Design & Development
Frontend Javascript Frameworks
Backend Javascript Frameworks
Backend Technologies
(PHP, ZendFramework, nginx, Java, Springboot)
Database Management System
(AWS, Git, Jira, Firebase, Linux, Wordpress, Jenkins, Sentry)
Projects I Was Involved In
Fixel Dashboard
Fixel Dashboard

Developed Fixel new user console

#React.js#Styled Components#Figma#CICD


Final Graduation project, a place for freelancers to find a job and for publishers to submit


Get Sat
Get Sat

Israeli Satellite Company

#satellite#wordpress#custom tailored

Maccabi TLV Football club
Maccabi TLV Football club

Maccabi TLV is one of the best football clubs in Israel

#football#web apps#wordpress

Nas Radio FM
Nas Radio FM

Nas Radio

#wordpress#javascript#audio#less#tailored solution

Madad Tama 38
Madad Tama 38

Wordpress site that was build on tailored request to support comparing companies and service providers from the real estate industry

#real estate#tailored solution#wordpress#less

Here is a more organized and boring CV